Becky Dan Walsh, the founder and Director of Casa Shalom

Thank you for stopping by our website.  We are living in a world full of suffering and pain. It's almost overwhelming at times. We can sit down and do nothing or get  involved and help to bring change to those that have no hope. Today we can still make a difference in someones  life.  


Becky Dan Walsh

   Thanks to the
    U.S. Marine


Marshall Holwager, from N. Vernon,


Indiana was one of 50 U.S.
 MARINES deployed in Romania
and volunteered 11 weekends
to drive  3-4 hours one way
on their free weekends to
volunteer at Casa Shalom.
During the last four months
Marshall came nine week-ends
to help work on the new house. 
We are so thankful for Marshall
and the other Marines that came
and helped us on this House
project. Thank you Lee Stucky
and Christi Chivu for making
this possible. We thank the 
U.S. Marines for their service
for our country and for their
volunteer work at Casa Shalom.
OUR MISSION is to help families  at risk and prevent child abandonment.
We bring hope to those that have so little and children  that have no opportunity
 for a better life.  
We are always helping someone in need.  Families struggle here in Romania to make ends meet.  We don't go looking for projects but projects come to us.
A few days ago we were in the village and a desperate Mom asked us to visit her daughter.  The husband was working and the children were in school.
We visited the house and just the smell of mold was so horrible. I don't know how these children can stay healthy much longer.
This family needs our help to fix their foundation and insulate it and the outside of their building. We will need to replaster the inside or put up drywall.
At things look at the present we need to raise around 3,500 dollars to get rid of the source of the mold in this house.
We really appreciate those that help us on our projects.
At the same time we continue to work on our projects here at Casa Shalom. We have been in our first house for 20 years and now we need to also do some repairs this spring. The wood on our porch has rotted and we want to replace it with stone as this will be more resistant to water.  Then we also need to finish the outside of the new house. We need to get the rain spouts put up and the wood trim on the house. So we have a lot on our plate at the present time. 
People can help in different ways, some like to donate online, which you can do on this page.  Others like to sent a wire transfer or a check to our ministry in Virginia or to Christian Faith Ministries in Tx.   
Others like to come and bring a work team with them.  We enjoy teams and  enjoy having people come to serve. 


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